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About Cloud Native Services

From idea to design to implementation to management, Huco assists sharpen your cloud native based innovative solution. A cloud native environment lets you take complete advantage of digital & cognitive capabilities. Create a cloud native culture & roadmap through the Huco DevOps Garage & InnovApp framework & enhance application experience with microservices, Kubernetes, & DevSecOps.

Benefits of Cloud Native Solutions

Time to market is the key differentiator between the most innovative organisation & their competition.

Build strong customer experience, introduce new features and keep iterating continuously.

Build application that's fault-tolerant with resiliency & self-heals with modern cloud native approaches.

What we offer

Cloud Native Application Assessment

A comprehensive Application Modernization assessment to uncover the existing application landscape, legacy services, dependencies and provide a report on the journey toward modernizing platform, application and security solutions,

Huco Template
Huco Template

Application Modernization

Huco offers a comprehensive approach in delivering modernised aplication and infrastructure assisting companies to achieve desired digital transformation. We address two key offerings:

Kubernetes Services

As a Kubernetes Partner and certified service provider, Huco ensures efficient Kubernetes implementation within your business. By providing expert advice on adopting an efficient container orchestrator.

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Huco Template
Huco Template

DevOps and DevSecOps Services

Increase DevOps agility, shorten releases, improve reliability and stay ahead of the competition with DevOps tools. Huco has the agile practices, cloud native tools and DevOps tools you need to help improve the entire DevOps lifecycle, from the build, run and manage applications.

intelligent Digital Operations Center (iDOC)

Huco offers a complete shared managed services program for managing new-age cloud native technologies, such as Kubernetes, DevOps tools, DevSecOps tools through its iDOC services. This enables customer a faster adoption utilizing Huco knowledge and experience in this space.

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