Business Drivers

BoTT – Business of Technology Transformation

In a technology world that is getting increasingly complex in the wake of disruptive solutions and unavoidable cost optimization needs, it is important for enterprises to question smart and answer swift. Most IT services experts would say the answer is data center transformation to every problem.

Technology transformation that does not map its metrics to business deliverables is not only going to fail in the long run but will incur additional cost, introduce fear of change and blur any ingenious ideas for the future of any IT enabled business. Here are just a few of the many highlights on why the answer to the often complex, non-standard and expensive IT is Huco’s unique business driven technology transformation service.

Huco’s experts discover your environment, identify problems and propose precise solutions.

  • Operational Efficiency

    What looks like a simple goal to achieve takes years to even comprehending the impact of having a lower business efficiency. Data center consolidation has a golden rule to success – Standardize, Strategize and Fine Tune.

  • Globalization

    When data and resources span several geo-technical boundaries, zero downtime of IT services become non-negotiable. Virtualization-first policy for simple environments backed by a strong evaluation process of complex systems determines an organization’s success in providing nearly flawless SLAs. Service availability at Huco is about recording every metric of IT and deriving progressive results out of it.

  • Resilience to Disruption

    Organizations that have a marathon run at success are always identified by their ability to bounce back after a big business loss or a short operational failure. Having a robust IT platform to ensure business continuity is the key to long term success. We assist you to define resilient policies, lay out BCP process and execute disaster recovery plans.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Corporations introduce unanticipated risks over a long period of time in an effort to accelerate business in shorter time spans. If you couldn’t anticipate risks at inception, Huco will help you reduce them as part of the transformation planning. Compliance is not risk management and being completely compliant doesn’t mean an organization is secure. We know the comprehensive difference.

  • Cost Optimization

    The organizing principle of every small, medium or large scale business is cost. The tradeoff is always between making innovation affordable and OPEX cost manageable. Huco follows this as a vision before recommending solutions to its customers. A Cloud implementation is the interval of the transformation story, An important twist to an enterprising journey into the world of optimization and innovation. Huco is an expert with definitive cloud as a service goal.

  • Complexity Reduction

    With exorbitant customer expectations and versatile product suites comes an underestimated problem - complexity. A management interface that enables root cause identification and instant remediation is the implicit first rule towards to effective policy, process and governance. We simplify management through automation and orchestration.

  • Scalability

    The thin line that differentiates a startup from a conglomerate is the ability of a company to grow at a rapid pace without having to stop, re-design or alter the business objectives. Huco’s association with the market intelligence, trends and analytics ensure the customer does not have to guess what works with the customer next.

  • Time to Market

    What kick starts a venture is a great product, what keeps it in business amidst relentless competition is the ability to reach the customer. When Dev is in sync with Ops, expect a delivery of technological miracles. Our strong presence in the Continuous Development, Deployment and Delivery frameworks complements a firm’s passion to serve the consumer.

  • Agility

    Information at finger tips, Decisions on the move are attributes that define today’s mantra for every enterprising brand and its value. Compute and Mobility can successfully blend to create a swift User Ecosystem. We are the forefront of creating that world for you.

  • Innovation

    “When all else works, think innovation” is for the underprepared. A bedrock of sound decisions, cutting edge technologies and most importantly it’s alignment to market dynamics transforms IT from being a support base to a business enabler. Huco helps you achieve that next-gen pinnacle without having to complicate designs or incur bleeding risk cost.